Hooligans Game (English Edition) por Joanna Currey

Titulo del libro: Hooligans Game (English Edition)

Autor: Joanna Currey

Número de páginas: 134 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 26, 2018

Editor: American Rugby Story, LLC

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Hooligans Game (English Edition) por Joanna Currey

Joanna Currey con Hooligans Game (English Edition)

In 1924, a withdrawn WWI veteran named Colby Slater joins a group of college basketball, baseball, and football players destined for the Olympic rugby competition. Once in Paris, the boys must reckon with the dominant French team and violent French fans while Colby reckons with his traumatic past.

True Story: During the gold medal rugby match of the 1924 Olympics, rough American tackling sparked a riot amongst the 21,000 spectators. Furious French fans attacked Americans in the stands of Colombes Stadium. Afterwards, the violence escalated and gendarmes intervened to avert a bigger tragedy. Consequently, rugby was banned from the Olympics for 92 years.