RESCUE AT SEA: Buster Goes to Sea (English Edition) por Vanayssa Somers

Titulo del libro: RESCUE AT SEA: Buster Goes to Sea (English Edition)

Autor: Vanayssa Somers

Número de páginas: 17 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 7, 2018

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RESCUE AT SEA: Buster Goes to Sea (English Edition) por Vanayssa Somers

Vanayssa Somers con RESCUE AT SEA: Buster Goes to Sea (English Edition)

Did you ever read an adventure story and wish that you, too, could have had a real, life-threatening, character-changing, adventure?
Did you ever wonder if you, too, are made of The Right Stuff?
We fight our many battles of life in terms of relationships, finances, and so on, these days.
But what if there was another big Gold Rush, somewhere in the deep mountains of some jungle-ridden country?
Would you be up for it?
Or if a good friend one day called you up and said, “Guess what! I bought a boat!” Would you rush down to the harbor to admire it and also your friend, who has the money to buy the boat, whereas you are more able to afford an evening out in a good restaurant?
There is a tide in the affairs of men…and women, by the way.
There is a moment when you realize your life is slipping away and you have never had an adventure.
My advice is, go out for dinner. Plan a holiday, someplace warm and safe.
But if this bug infects you, nothing will stop you heading out for a major test of your courage, your flexibility, your wisdom, your….whatever.
So you won’t listen to me, if that moment of challenge comes. I know this.
But it might help if you read this story first.

Take my advice: Buy this book…Now.

Before the urge for adventure bits you in a sensitive spot and you find yourself battling a freight train wave heading across the ocean right for your fragile craft.
And it will hit at the precise spot where your ear lies on your little boat-pillow. And you and the boat will slowly turn sideways till the mast is under water, for the thousandth time.

And you Will. SCREAM.

I promise you.