Cycling Science (English Edition) por Stephen S Cheung

Titulo del libro: Cycling Science (English Edition)

Autor: Stephen S Cheung

Número de páginas: 568 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 1, 2017

Editor: Human Kinetics

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Cycling Science (English Edition) por Stephen S Cheung

Stephen S Cheung con Cycling Science (English Edition)

Finally, the authoritative resource that serious cyclists have been waiting for has arrived. The perfect blend of science and application, Cycling Science takes you inside the sport, into the training room and research lab, and onto the course.

A remarkable achievement, Cycling Science features the following:
• Contributions from 43 top cycling scientists and coaches from around the world
• The latest thinking on the rider-machine interface, including topics such as bike fit, aerodynamics, biomechanics, and pedaling technique
• Information about environmental stressors, including heat, altitude, and air pollution
• A look at health issues such as on-bike and off-bike nutrition, common injuries, fatigue, overtraining, and recovery
• Help in planning training programs, including using a power meter, managing cycling data, off-the-bike training, cycling specific stretching, and mental training
• The latest coaching and racing techniques, including pacing theories, and strategies for road, track, MTB, BMX, and ultra-distance events

In this book, editors and cycling scientists Stephen Cheung, PhD, and Mikel Zabala, PhD, have assembled the latest information for serious cyclists.