Mudbite por Dave Cooper

Titulo del libro: Mudbite

Autor: Dave Cooper

Número de páginas: 72 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 20, 2018

ISBN: 1683960874

Editor: Fantagraphics Books

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Mudbite por Dave Cooper

Dave Cooper con Mudbite

Eddy Table first appeared in Dave Cooper's award-winning underground comics series, Weasel and Mudbite compiles two all-new Eddy Table stories. In "Mud River," Eddy can't resist taking advantage of an Amazon who has received a bonk on the head, even as a river of mud approaches. In "Bug Bite," Eddy gets distracted and misplaces his family whilst on vacation in Europe, ending up in a dark corridor inhabited by slimy black eels. Mudbite marks the first new graphic novel by fan favorite Dave Cooper in more than 15 years, marking a welcome return to the medium.