The Calling por Hussein Ahdieh, Hillary Chapman

Titulo del libro: The Calling

Autor: Hussein Ahdieh, Hillary Chapman

Fecha de lanzamiento: January 2, 2017

ISBN: 1588141454

Editor: Ibex Pub

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The Calling por Hussein Ahdieh, Hillary Chapman

Hussein Ahdieh, Hillary Chapman con The Calling

The book introduces Tahirih of Qazvin (a female mystic and poet in 19th century Persia) to an American audience. A free-spirited harbinger of women's rights, Tahirih stood in the forefront of the one of the most powerful movements to emerge in Persia and the Near East during the 19th century the Bábí Faith. This highly readable and carefully researched account tells the little-known story of her extraordinary life in the context of the Persian Shi'a Muslim world in which she moved. This engaging narrative is interlaced with intimate accounts of the courageous lives of great American female figures from the Great Awakenings. Though half a world away, these women shared a zeitgeist with Tahirih.
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